Online Time Application Forms
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Shane 3 m reflector
Nickel 1 m reflector
Automated Planet Finder (APF) 2.4 m reflector
Lick 36 inch refractor (and any others)
Coude Auxiliary Telescope (CAT) 24 inch reflector
UCO MiniGrant proposals

Online Proposal Submission Forms
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Shane 3 m reflector
Nickel, CAT, and other quarter-scheduled telescopes
APF 2.4 m reflector
UCO MiniGrant proposals

Calls for Proposals
Shane 3 m reflector
APF 2.4 m reflector
Nickel and other telescopes

Time Allocation Policies & Guidelines
3 m Time Allocation Policy
Large or Synoptic Approved Programs (LSAP)
Policy for Swapping or Cancelling 3 m Time
3 m Proposal Guidelines
Nickel Remote Observing Policy
Shane 3 m Remote Observing Policy

Instruction, Cancellation Notification, Calendars
Policy for observing instruction and support
How to notify of a cancellation
Astronomical Calendars for Mount Hamilton
Bright and Dark Runs