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Welcome to the UCO/Lick Proposal Submission and TAC (Telescope Allocation Committee) pages. Please read the instructions carefully.

Active semester 2019B: Submissions off, Grading on, Meeting on
The Executive Assistant to the Director <> can modify the above settings,
and also handle questions about scientific content and the review process.

Be advised that all activity on these web pages is logged.

Instructions for Submitting Observing Proposals

There are several steps necessary before a UC observer can submit a proposal here.
First, the PI for the proposal must login to the Keck Observer Login Page.
That Keck login page should allow creation of a new CoverSheet as well as re-use of an old one.

For each proposal use the Keck Proposal CoverSheet web page to initialize the proposal into the system.
Note that every semester the Keck CoverSheet form tends to have changes and new features not seen in previous semesters.

Be sure to indicate that the Allocating Institution is "UC".

Please verify all e-mail addresses entered into the Keck CoverSheet.
Incorrect e-mail addresses may prevent completion of the submission process, and they will thwart both official communications with humans and automated acknowlegements from the machines handling the submission.

If there are any problems with the Keck webserver, PI login, or CoverSheet submission please direct inquiries to Keck CoverSheet Admins <>.

Note that the Keck CoverSheet pages allow modification of an existing CoverSheet.
Please avoid creating multiple versions of Keck CoverSheets for the same proposal.

Proposals to be submitted through these UCO web pages can only be accepted after the UCO/Lick webserver has received and processed the Proposal CoverSheet from the Keck webserver.
The transfer of the CoverSheet from Keck to UCO/Lick depends on the load of the Keck webserver, the UCO/Lick webserver, and the amount of congestion on the network between Keck and Lick.
Under adverse conditions the transfer can take as much as an hour.
Please do not wait until the last minute, for no proposal can be accepted through these UCO web pages until that transfer occurs and the UCO/Lick webserver receives the Keck Proposal CoverSheet.
(Note that it is possible to submit a nearly blank CoverSheet at Keck, thus create a Keck Proposal CoverSheetId and initiate its transfer to UCO/Lick, and then go back to the Keck webserver and edit the content of the CoverSheet after the fact. We cannot recommend this as a wise strategy.)

A proposal can only be submitted by someone who knows the Keck CoverSheetId and the e-mail address of one of the investigators listed in that CoverSheet.
The e-mail address must match either the PI or a Co-I on that Keck CoverSheet.

To facilitate revisions this interface at UCO/Lick will accept multiple submissions of the proposal PDF file.
To submit a revised proposal simply return here and enter the same Keck Proposal CoverSheetId again.

Note that the proposal submission deadline is enforced promptly and that system clocks of the UCO/Lick servers use NTP to produce accurate time stamps.
Please do not wait until the last minute and try to beat the clock, for issues with servers and internet connections may prevent timely arrival of proposals.

For each Keck Proposal, PIs and Co-Is (and their authorized representatives acting on their behalf) can submit proposals by entering the name and e-mail address of one of the investigators and the associated Keck Proposal CoverSheetId.
E.g., for a Keck Proposal CoverSheetId '2019B_U625L' submitters should enter the abbreviated form 'U625'.

These web pages continue to evolve to handle new Keck CoverSheet information.
We appreciate your patience during this process.

PI or Co-I e-mail
This must remain valid thru 2019B

(This must include an @)
Keck Proposal CoverSheetId

(This should start with 'U')

Active semester is 2019B and Submissions are off
(The Executive Assistant to the Director <> can modify these settings.)

Instructions for TAC Reviewers

The TAC review functions are only accessible via password.
Reviewers must login before they can use the TAC Review System.

Important Note: TAC reviewers who already use the UCO/Lick-Keck SlitMask Management System do not need to establish a new e-mail user and password. The existing e-mail address and password is sufficient to use the TAC pages.

TAC reviewers who do not yet have a password or who have forgotten that password: proceed first to the UCO/Lick-Keck SlitMask Management System login pages.
New TAC members must be authorized after obtaining a password.
The Executive Assistant to the Director <> can perform this authorization.

Reviewer e-mail
(Must be registered mask user)

(This must include an @)
Reviewer mask/TAC system password

Active semester is 2019B: Grading is on, Meeting is on
(The Executive Assistant to the Director <> can modify these settings.)

These pages were created using CGI-Tcl.
They are based on the Tcl98 program committee pages by Michael McLennan.

Please send questions about policy and procedure to the Executive Assistant to the Director <>
Please report Keck CoverSheet problems to the Keck CoverSheet Admins <>
Please report technical problems with these UCO web pages to TAC Admin <>
Authors: Michael McLennan (1998) De Clarke (1999-2004)